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Devin Doyle newport beach

About Devin Doyle of Newport Beach

Devin Doyle of Newport Beach is an entrepreneur and executive with over thirty years of experience running successful businesses. After graduating from Menlo College with his business degree in 1984, Mr. Doyle went on to serve in a variety of sales roles before making the decision to start his own company, Reaction Supply. Devin Doyle served as the owner and Vice President of Reaction Supply for 22 years and was responsible for overseeing sales processes and facilitating all vendor negotiations for the organization. Under his leadership, the company was able to expand to include seven branches across both Nevada and California.

In 2013, Devin Doyle founded Response Fire Supply (RFS), a supplier of high-quality fire-protection products with locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona. As founder and owner, Devin Doyle is responsible for duties such as maintaining strategic development, sales, and building relationships with vendors and clients.

Mr. Doyle’s colleagues speak to how he is a professional with a high level understanding of merchandizing, supply-chain, operations, and management. Devin Doyle is also known within the fire-protection products space for his commitment to quality and customer service, recognizing that protection against fires in arid areas of the country is crucial for businesses across industries.

Devin Doyle on the Benefits of Fire-Protection Products for Businesses

Devin Doyle newport beach

As a professional who has been in the fire-protection supplies space for years, Devin Doyle of Newport Beach notes that, regardless of one’s business or industry, fire-protection products play a vital role in ensuring safety. Here, Devin Doyle explores a few of the benefits of comprehensive fire-products for commercial entities.

Provides Valuable Time in Emergencies

Early fire detection is vital in the case of a fire emergency because every second counts. Fire alarm devices and sprinkler systems can detect the presence of smoke as well as increases in temperature associated with fires early enough to provide occupants with time to find the exit route safely. Devin finds that these systems can also be equipped with monitoring services that notify the local fire department quickly to put out fires not extinguished by sprinklers, investigate the source of the problem, etc. An early warning can be the difference between life and death in the worst fire emergencies.

Property Protection

Detection is just one side of the coin when it comes to fire-protection systems. Supplies such as overhead fire sprinklers used with detection devices can go a long way towards protecting property by potentially extinguishing fires before they have the chance to spread throughout a building. Again, monitoring systems are also valuable as quick firefighter response is key to protecting the property if flames have had the chance to spread. Even if a fire has been extinguished in a timely manner, quick, effective response can help business owners assess damages and potential fire hazards that they may fail to notice otherwise. Every second that a fire is allowed to spread can lead to untold damage to structures and their contents, and fire protection systems are crucial safety measures to protect important assets and further minimize the impact of flames.

Devin Doyle newport beach

Worker and Occupant Safety

It goes without saying that fires endanger the lives of both workers and customers in businesses. With an effective fire protection system, workers and other occupants can better remain safe from fires through a multi-pronged approach. Early detection provides them with the opportunity to find the nearest exit and fire sprinklers quickly and safely can put out larger flames once the detectors are triggered. For very contained and small fires, a simple fire extinguisher can even ensure that fires are put out before the need for sprinklers arises.


Depending on where you live, it is likely that your area’s building codes already require a functioning fire safety system. Violating these requirements can be extremely damaging to a business, especially if it is to face an issue with a fire during its operation. From an insurance standpoint, having a fire protection system is often a condition of coverage as well. Devin Doyle mentions that a business is better off safe than sorry when dealing with compliance, and the costs of an efficient system are far lower than what one would be expected to pay should a bad fire occur on the property.

Peace of Mind

There are a lot of moving parts to running a successful business, and Devin Doyle speaks to how the safety of a building from fires is just one. A clear benefit of fire-protection systems is that they offer property owners peace of mind and the ability to focus more on other important aspects of operation.

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